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We manufacture and supply shower channels, floor drains, plumbing drain, plumbing drain membrane, corner balcony drain, drainage channels, plastic drainage grid, plastic drain plug, stainless drainage
General Supply Turkey was founded in 2014 with location in Istanbul,Turkey. The company’s main areas of activity are procurement and logistics services. By offering a wide range of products, our aim is to fulfill customer needs for qualitative material. Our technical team with engineers specialized by area of expertise, assists our project and the technical needs of the customers by providing the appropriate solution for them. General Supply Turkey has successfully supplied some of the most important projects in Turkey and abroad taking advantage of the good partner management, cost optimization and competitive price strategy. Our customers have benefited from our procurement services and have managed to save important cost, maintaining the same level of quality and technical requirements in their projects. Our aim is to build a long term relationship with our Customers and Partners, based on trust and mutual interest.
Pelican Shower Enclosure & Bath Systems Pelican is a new and modern brand with fifteen years of experience which has primary attributed entrepreneurial, creative, solution oriented, and customer satisfaction. Pelican Bath Systems introduces wide range portfolio which consists compact systems, hydromassage bathtubs, shower enclosures and bathroom cabinets within its field of activity. Brand expands its success of home market to overseas, provides novelty and excitement to industry. Our company makes a great amount of contributions to national economy within export to nine different countries on the world and also innovate and enhance its wetroom solutions with R&D investments. Pelican Bath Systems will continue to provide better solutions to customers as being pioneering of its sector with Pelican brand
Our company, which started to serve as Poliplast in 1988, has adopted the principle of quality first by using advanced technology and design options under the name of Politek since 1994 and continues to work in the sector with the pride of its understanding of quality and satisfaction today.
Prestij has been erecting over it's first location where it was established as a small manufacturing workshop in 1996 in Istanbul Kurtkoy, and now having a closed area of 3.000 square meters, an open area of 5.000 square meters and 75 product assortments, 5 main franchises and 350 subordinate franchies, TSE Manufacturing Competency Certificate with lates technology. TSE Quality Certificate and PRESTIJ Company Guaranty Certificate. Today, we, PRESTIJ Group, present our products to World and Turkey by adding new, ones to our product assortments by using benefits of technology. PRESTIJ GROUP, which uses qualified, well-made and TSE certified materials in its products, manufactures products by utilizing high working power with technology of the age in its factory in Istanbul Pendik products by utilizing high working power with technology of the age in its factory in Istanbul Kurtkoy and presents to service of sector and humanity. Executive Managers of the company in PRESTIJ, who have been in this sector for long years, have reached years of 2000 by displaying an icreasing success garphic. PRESTIJ GROUP, which continues its progress for future with safe steps by pround of contribution to country economy and humanity from the date of establishment till today, looks to the future hopefully by having a peculiarity of being the most preferred brand name in home country and worldwide.
HydroSystem supplies professional manufacturers of whirlpools, spas system solutions. We offer system solutions, knowledge, and an extensive product range which include pumps, blowers, jets, pipes and other related articles. We also work in close cooperation with our distribution partners around the world...
Regata Ltd Sti, is established in 2007. We are biggest porcelain tile, sanitary ware, bathroom accessories, shower tray, shower cabinet distributor in Turkey. Beside we are producer of bathroom furniture. We export to 38 countires around the World. Our main markets; England, Germany, Romania, Hungray, Serbia, Bosnia, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgari, Algeria, Libya, Jordan, Nilgeria, Pakistan, Gorgia, Azerbayacan etc.